Lynda Shaw

Dr Lynda Shaw

Consultant and Author

As a cognitive neuroscientist with business psychology and an entrepreneurial background, Lynda’s aim is to offer a deeper understanding of what it takes to thrive and prosper. When stress levels swamp productivity. When unconscious bias blinds people from seeing resolution and valuable insights. When uncontrolled emotion hinders communication. When women find it hard to negotiate for promotion or becoming partner. She has spent her whole working life building a reputation for practical insights that make a real difference to the running of successful businesses by enabling an efficient and happy workforce that gives a business competitor advantage. Lynda works with business leaders through consultancy, masterclasses and mentoring. Read more about her consultancy.

Lynda is also a highly sought after professional speaker. Her conviction and enthusiasm is infectious and - as will be confirmed by anyone who has ever attended one of her sessions - no one ever dozes off when she has the floor! Read more about Lynda as a speaker for your event.

Lynda was honoured to receive the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence in October 2017, it is the highest accolade for UK speakers given by their peers.

Her book “Your Brain is Boss” provides business leaders with insights into the role of emotion in business, and how to use their own mind power to develop influence, creativity and work satisfaction. Read more about “Your Brain is Boss”.

Lynda has lectured in Psychology and Neuroscience at various universities in the UK and conducted research on brain function and impairment, specialising in consciousness, emotion and the effects of ageing.
Travel, culture and adventure drives Lynda’s hunger to understand why people do what they do and keeps her international work fresh, relevant and forward thinking.

Lynda enables businesses to use the power of neuroscience to be in more control whilst building business profit and a happier workforce, read more about her consultancy. A renowned keynote speaker she engages with her audiences on effectively using emotion in business.

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